Richard Clark

For a number of years Richard Clark has focused on presenting a series of one-person shows

for New England audiences including schools, libraries, community organizations, clubs

and retirement communities.

The theme tying together all the performances is “Keeping History Alive”

Historical characters are brought to life in performances created from the lives

and work of Mark Twain, Clarence Darrow, John Barrymore, Andrew Carnegie,

William Shakespeare, and most recently Ernest Hemingway.


~ by darrowactor on June 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Richard Clark”

  1. After not knowing what I was getting myself into when we pulled up to the Upland Club in Plympton, I was pleasantly suprised to see my “one person I’d like to meet” come to life. Mark Twain as himself and then still time for appreciating the man behind the books. I am a big Mark Twain fan. Let me tell you it was my pleasure watching the performance. You must love what you do.

  2. Six Words
    Dr. John R. Cleary June 2010 word count: 206

    Hemingway impersonator, Richard Clark, told his audience that Ernie was challenged to compose a stirring piece of writing in six words to show his power as a writer. He purportedly penned, “For sale, baby shoes, never used.” And that apparently launched him as the paragon of modern 20th Century American writers.
    Now that is a tough act to follow. But given the same circumstance of accepting such a challenge, could any writer, great or unknown have writ the same? Sure, but Hemingway was the first, apparently and that’s the rub. Everything after the first is, as Clark described his performance, anticlimactic, which the Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines as: noun, a disappointing end to an exciting series of events. There is only one Mona Lisa for a reason; it was the first — many copies or likenesses to follow never matched up.
    So how does one compete with Hemingway and grasp the baton as America’s writer? Create a more succinct phrase? I can say it in four words! Again sure, but the original challenge has already been offered, accepted, and accomplished. And that is the essence of Hemingway, as distilled by Richard Clark, to be the first with the truth.
    How do you like that now, gentlemen!

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