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Hello fellow infidels,

Please peruse my menu of thespian delights as there is a brand new entree to be savored along with the several delicacies that are my past creations.  As ever, I tend to sell out well in advance so book soon for best dates available and help keep history (and me) alive!


RW Clark, 1/2/13

We have a new program in the mix now! Here’s the information:

A Time to Laugh, A Time to Weep

Scenes from “Prisoner of Second Avenue”  and  “California Suite by Neil Simon

Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller

This show, new for this year brings you to scenes from three American theatrical masterpieces.  Join Richard Clark and Lynne McKenney Lydick on a roller coaster ride from comedy to tragedy with two of America’s foremost playwrights of the twentieth century.


Video Samples

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Six Words

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Dr. John R. Cleary June 2010 word count: 206

Hemingway impersonator, Richard Clark, told his audience that Ernie was challenged to compose a stirring piece of writing in six words to show his power as a writer. He purportedly penned, “For sale, baby shoes, never used.” And that apparently launched him as the paragon of modern 20th Century American writers.
Now that is a tough act to follow. But given the same circumstance of accepting such a challenge, could any writer, great or unknown have writ the same? Sure, but Hemingway was the first, apparently and that’s the rub. Everything after the first is, as Clark described his performance, anticlimactic, which the Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines as: noun, a disappointing end to an exciting series of events. There is only one Mona Lisa for a reason; it was the first — many copies or likenesses to follow never matched up.
So how does one compete with Hemingway and grasp the baton as America’s writer? Create a more succinct phrase? I can say it in four words! Again sure, but the original challenge has already been offered, accepted, and accomplished. And that is the essence of Hemingway, as distilled by Richard Clark, to be the first with the truth.
How do you like that now, gentlemen!

Summary of Shows Offered

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Clarence Darrow by David Rintels

Great for Labor Day, Independence Day or Martin Luther King Day

This play features intense court room drama and comic relief as it highlights the life and times of Clarence Darrow, attorney extraordinaire and defender of the downtrodden and the damned.  From his youthful innocence in small town Ohio to the embattled national stage of the “Scopes Monkey Trial” and the Leopold and Loeb court rooms it is a roller coaster ride into the heart and mind of a complex American hero


The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet -Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits

Come and share some of the most memorable moments in dramatic literature.  Let your imagination sally forth with fabled kings as they “mount barb’d steeds to fright the souls of fearsome adversaries.”  Eavesdrop on the intimate murmuring of Romeo, the obsessive passions of Anthony and Cleopatra; the demented musings of King Richard as he broods over the love he will never have.  Don’t miss the essence of the world’s greatest wordsmith.


And Now Mark Twain

Appropriate any time especially warm months perfect for picnics & ice cream socials

Come & enjoy a visit with one of America’s best-loved writers and humorists.  You will be treated to a compendium of his life & works; laugh along with him at the foibles, follies and fantasies of a bygone era.


Barrymore!  by William Luce

Enjoy the life and times of the “bad boy” actor of the early 20th century, John Barrymore.  Have a rollicking goodtime as he takes us down memory lane to the era of the roaring 20’s & 30’s. Join an audience at a rehearsal of his greatest performance -Shakespeare’s “Richard III.” His trusty prompter tries to keep him on the straight-and-narrow & pick up the pieces as he stumbles through this boozy undertaking.  This is a charming concoction of comedy and pathos as Barrymore struts what’s left of his “stuff”.  Family history, theatre lore, the rigors of marriage and Hollywood are mixed in a portrait of a great artist who has lost his way.


Love Letters by A. R. Gurney

Great for Valentine’s Day or any day

Set in the WW II era this Broadway hit is a poignant and humorous look at life and love told through a series of letters.  The reading of these letters reveals complicated feelings and emotions, connections and a re-affirmation of the enduring value of friendship and love.


Great Scot!  It’s Andrew Carnegie!

Great for a Library Celebration or book for Carnegie’s birthday in November!

He rose from humble beginnings to become “The King of Steel & the richest man in the world. Called the “greediest little devil that ever lived”, he gave away billions of dollars building thousands of libraries. He warred with labor yet passionately advocated for world peace and counted Mark Twain, Helen Keller and Booker T Washington his friends



Life, Language and the Pursuit of Happiness-Ernest Hemingway Alive!  by B. L. Walker and Richard Clark

This is the story of a remarkable life, a rough-and tumble journey into the soul of one of the twentieth century’s greatest literary figures.  The New York Times heralded him as the “greatest writer since Shakespeare”. His passion carried him to the pinnacle of his profession and his life ended in a tragic final act that seemed his destiny from the start.



Atticus Finch steps from the pages of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and brings to life the tragedy and triumph of Harper Lee’s classic American novel.


A Time to Laugh, A Time to Weep

Scenes from “Prisoner of Second Avenue”  and  “California Suite by Neil Simon

Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller

This show, new for 2013, brings you to scenes from three American theatrical masterpieces.  Join Richard Clark and Lynne McKenney Lydick on a roller coaster ride from comedy to tragedy with two of America’s foremost playwrights of the twentieth century.

Educating Rita by Willy Russell  ***

This is the classic tale of the Cockney girl who seeks culture through a college education and finds herself along the way.   Wit, wisdom and humor mix with human drama to create engaging entertainment.


*** Educating Rita is available for evening shows only.

For more details click the new “Flyers” link on the right sidebar.




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“You don’t have to be a literary person to enjoy this show, you just have to be human.”

-Audience Member at the Northboro Senior Center, concerning “Life, Language, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Ernest Hemingway Alive!”


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Hemingway photo 1


Relive with Ernest those days from WWI through the inauguration of JFK. The Tragedies and triumphs, the joys and sorrows; The sacred and the profane, the loves and losses. …The life force of the master craftsman considered by his peers as “the greatest writer since Shakespeare”



Richard Clark has spent over 30 yrs in New England regional theater and New York Theater. He is a graduate of Clark University and has studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Art, The Actors Connection and the Actor’s Loft in New York. His “Keeping History Alive” series brings the life and work of such figures as Mark Twain, Clarence Darrow, Andrew Carnegie, John Barrymore and William Shakespeare to life.

New Atticus Flyer!

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New flyer from my new show: “Atticus!”



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